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Gourmet BBQ Options You Need to Have for Your Fancy Event

BBQ Catering Options

Let's face it, backyard BBQs can be amazing, but sometimes you crave something a little more...extraordinary.  Something that screams "sophisticated summer soiree" instead of "weekend burger bash."

If you're feeling burnt out on the same old hors d'oeuvres we're here to save your shindig from becoming a snoozefest!

This guide is your secret weapon to transforming your gathering into a gourmet grilling extravaganza! Yes, ditch the boring burgers and franks!  We're talking about succulent, slow-smoked meats, mouthwatering options, and creative sides that'll have your guests raving!

Elevating Your BBQ Event Catering

Gourmet BBQ Menu Choices

Grilled Salmon

Ah, the king of the cookout! It isn't just any fish we're talking about. Imagine the most succulent, richly flavored fish soaking up all those glorious smoky undertones from the grill!

Serve as a main dish with a side of dill sauce, or cream cheese and capers for a refined touch. Then layer on top of crisp crostinis for an elegant appetizer.

Now, what's a gourmet dish without the perfect wine to kiss your palate, right? Light wines are this dish's soulmates!

A lovely Chardonnay or a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc stands by, ready to elevate the richness of the salmon without stealing the spotlight. These pairings are like a gentle wave under a sail, guiding your dining experience to new heights!

Gourmet Sausages

Ever thought of introducing your taste buds to game meats? How about sausages that sing with the flavors of fennel, garlic, and a splash of wine?

From the fiery dance of Hot & Sweet Italian Sausage & Peppers to the exotic allure of sausages infused with international spices, bring diversity to the grill and give your guests a world tour on a plate!

Cooking these beauties is where the magic happens. The key? Low and slow. That's right — patience is your best friend here! Grilling these sausages slowly ensures they stay juicy, tender, and packed with flavor. But why stop there? You can also give them a brief stint in some smoke!

Serving Ideas? Slice these gourmet sausages and provide a colorful array of mustards, from classic yellow to bold and spicy Dijon, alongside tangy sauerkraut and homemade relish bursting with flavor.

Grilled Veggie Platters

Choose a vibrant mix of vegetables—bell peppers, asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms work wonderfully. Seasonal picks can also add freshness and that local flavor to your event!

Before these beauties hit the grill, we're giving them a little pampering. A gentle brush of olive oil to make them glisten, a sprinkle of salt and pepper to make their flavors pop, and a whisper of herbs to bring a hint of the garden right onto your plate!

Then arrange them on large platters with edible garnishes like herb sprigs or edible flowers to create an inviting display.

Unique Sauces and Marinades

Bourbon Apple BBQ Sauce

Perfect for pork or chicken. A blend where the sweetness of apples waltzes with the rich, oaky notes of bourbon, creating a culinary masterpiece that’ll have everyone coming back for "just one more taste."

Chimichurri for Grilled Goods

Now, take a trip with us to Argentina without leaving your backyard. This vibrant green chimichurri, with its zesty ensemble of parsley, garlic, vinegar, and oil, is ready to tango with your grilled meats and veggies. A fresh, herby kick straight to the flavor sensors, is guaranteed to add a burst of color and taste to your plate!

Maple Mustard Glaze

BBQ Event Planning

A heavenly concoction that marries the sweet sap of maple trees with the tangy kick of mustard. Ideal for drizzling over salmon or gourmet sausages, this glaze is the secret handshake of the culinary world, promising an unforgettable taste experience that'll linger on your palate long after the meal is done!

Additional Gourmet BBQ Items from Our Menu

Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Slow-smoked over low heat until they're fall-off-the-bone tender, then finished with our very own glossy, sticky BBQ sauce glaze. The key is in the rub and smoke combination, using wood like hickory or applewood for those distinct flavors.

BBQ Boneless Chicken Breast

A great chicken breast starts with the marinade. We use citrus, herbs, and spices to infuse it with flavors, then grill over medium heat to keep the inside juicy while getting that nice char outside!

Teriyaki Beef Kabobs

A balance of savory, and tangy, and using only cuts of beef like sirloin for tenderness. Skewer with onions, bell peppers, and pineapples for added flavor and color.

Mixed Grilled Vegetables

Besides the usual seasoning, we add a balsamic glaze drizzle right before serving to add that sweet and tangy dimension that enhances the natural flavors of the vegetables.

Fresh Beef Brisket

The key to a tender brisket is cooking it at a low temperature for several hours. A good bark (crust) and smoke ring are signs of a well-cooked brisket.

Smoked Pulled Pork

We offer a variety of sauces on the side, ranging from sweet to spicy, so guests can customize their pulled pork to their liking. Serve with coleslaw and pickles to cut through the richness of the pork.

The Art of Presentation From Expert BBQ Caterers

Mini Skewers

Variety is the Spice of Life

Picture this—tiny wooden sticks loaded with an array of succulent meats, juicy seafood, and vibrant veggies. From the smoky allure of chicken satay to the zesty charm of shrimp scampi, the rich umami of beef teriyaki, or the garden-fresh delight of grilled zucchini and bell peppers, these mini skewers are like a festival of flavors waiting to dance on your taste buds!

Skewer Themes: Dress to Impress

Why stop at variety when you can theme your skewers to fit the occasion? Hosting a summer bash? Bring on the tropical fruits and seafood to add that splash of sunshine and ocean breeze to your platters!

Or maybe you’re gathering in the crisp air of autumn? Then it’s time for root vegetables paired with hearty meats, wrapped in the warm, earthy tones of the season.

Presentation Style: Serve with a Flair!

Now, imagine all these mouthwatering skewers displayed not just any old way, but arranged on tiered platters, or set out in decorative patterns on large serving trays.

Making your mini skewers easily accessible ensures they're as much of a feast for the eyes as they are for the palate. Create those wow moments that have guests reaching for their phones to snap a pic before they indulge.

Upscale Serving Dishes

Material Magic

The materials you choose aren’t just about holding food; they’re about telling a story and setting the scene for a culinary adventure.

Wooden boards and slate tiles whisper tales of smoke and fire, bringing an earthy charm that complements the BBQ vibe, while glass or ceramic dishes add a layer of sophistication that says, “This is no ordinary backyard bash.”

Consistent Aesthetic

Whether you’re channeling the laid-back elegance of coastal vibes with blues and whites or going for the bold statement of blacks and metallics for a modern edge, keeping a consistent design theme or color scheme across your serving ware is like the chorus in your BBQ symphony.

Utensils with Panache

Think of stainless steel tongs, serving spoons, or skewer holders as the jewelry that completes the outfit. Matching in style and color, these utensils don’t just serve food–they serve looks!

They’re the polished, professional touch that says, “Yes, we care about the details,” elevating your event from a simple meal to a curated dining experience.

Edible Garnishes

Edible Flowers

Picture this - your perfectly grilled steak or veggie kebabs adorned with vibrant nasturtiums, delicate pansies, or fragrant lavender. But hey, remember to play it safe - ensure these floral beauties are culinary-grade and pesticide-free. We're all about dazzling here–not dazing!

Fresh Herbs

The humble herb - it's time to give it the spotlight it deserves! Sprigs of rosemary laying gracefully atop a mound of grilled potatoes, thyme sprinkled over buttery corn on the cob, or cilantro lending its zest to your sizzling fajitas. These green geniuses are not just garnishing but aromatic ambassadors that enhance the very soul of your dish!

Fruit Accents

Now, let's add a twist - literally! Thin slices of lemon, lime, or orange can transform your dish from hot-off-the-grill to haute cuisine.

And don't even get us started on berries; a few strategically placed raspberries or blueberries can turn your dessert from "mmm" to "mmmmind-blowing." These fruity accents are your secret weapon in creating a feast that's as stunning to look at as it is to devour!

Choose Your Local BBQ Catering, Trust East Coast Clambakes

With over a decade of experience, we have a knack for blending traditional techniques with modern flavors, making every dish a masterpiece. We employ slow-cooking methods to ensure meats are tender and flavorful.

Inspired by global cuisines, our team also incorporates international spices and ingredients, offering a BBQ menu that's a culinary tour around the world. As a believer in farm-to-table cooking, we source ingredients from local farms and markets, ensuring freshness and supporting the community!

BBQ for Every Occasion!

Backyard bash with friends? Absolutely. An elegant dinner party that'll have your guests raving? You bet! 

Here at East Coast Clambakes, we're all about making every one of your gatherings a hit with our standout BBQ. This isn't just for burgers and hot dogs. We're talking succulent grilled seafood, creative veggie options, and flavor-packed sides that'll elevate any gathering!

We've got you covered to ensure it fits perfectly, no matter the dress code or the vibe. Let's turn your occasion into a feast to remember.



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