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The Best BBQ and Clambake Combo Catering for Your Next Event

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

BBQ and Clambake Combo Catering for Your Event

Photo by Pixabay

Yet the pressure of making all your guests happy with the food can feel impossible.

But worry not! That's where our expertise comes in!

We at East Coast Clambakes are here to help you enjoy an awesome BBQ Clambake big event with delicious food. We combine the best of both worlds, BBQ and Clambake menu ideas, for everyone to enjoy!

Why Choose East Coast Clambakes' BBQ and Clambake Combo

Menu Options

One of the best parts about our BBQ & Clambake combo is its variety of picks.

Our clambakes buffet is especially seafood-focused, with clams and lobsters galore.

It also includes corn on the cob, mussels boiled with white wine and garlic, and baked beans as side dishes.

On the other hand, our barbecue buffet features various grilled meats. We baby back ribs, beef brisket, chicken, kebabs, pulled pork, and sausages that meat lovers will surely enjoy!

The Experience

Clambake BBQ Combo Catering Experience

Image by on Freepik

Considering your guests and their dietary requirements, you don't need to worry about when choosing our Clambake BBQ combo catering.

Our buffet menu includes vegetarian options, and guests with allergies can select their chosen sort of fish or meat. We always specify such options so everyone can enjoy the food.

Not only is our BBQ and Clambake combo catering tasty, but it's also visually appealing!

With its colorful array of food, the buffet table will catch everyone's attention.

Guests can enjoy its mouth-watering aroma and pleasing presentation while serving themselves from the buffet. This also creates a great photo op right from when the dish is served! Instaworthy!

Perfect for Any Event

Catering That Fits Any Event Perfectly

East Coast Clambakes

Wedding Receptions

Adding excellent smoked meats like our pulled pork or brisket and fresh seafood selections such as clams, lobster, or shrimp will help create a relaxed and joyful environment during your wedding reception.

Don't forget to include traditional side dishes like corn on the cob, coleslaw, and baked beans, too!

Corporate Events

Yes, you can create that relaxed and fun atmosphere for your team to enjoy with our BBQ and Clambake catering.

With its variety of food, it will be perfect for both meat and seafood lovers!

You can also add some fun BBQ-themed games to boost the team-building vibes!

Beach Parties

BBQ is perfect for outdoor events, and that seafood combo? It fits perfectly with the beach-themed party!

Just imagine grilling delicious meats and seafood while your guests relax on the beach.

To add more of that festive vibe, serve cold beverages like lemonade or beer that are perfect for the summer season!

Casual Get-Together or Reunions

The laid-back nature of the combo is perfect for such occasions.

You can grill up some tasty meats and seafood in your backyard, and your guests can enjoy the summer weather--or even Christmas!--we serve our clambakes and BBQs all year round.

Enjoy the Best BBQ and Clambake Combo Catering Now from East Coast Clambakes.

Contact us now, and let us help you make your event a hit!



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